Friday, April 24, 2009

Adobe Introducing New Amazing Product Called "Flash Catalyst"

Adobe Flash Catalyst is a new professional interaction design tool for rapidly creating application interfaces and interactive content without coding. These can range from interactive Ads, product guides and design portfolios to user interfaces for applications. Flash Catalyst enables designers to start from static compositions created in Adobe Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4, or Adobe Fireworks CS4 and convert the artwork into applications and interactive content. The designer does this by visually defining events, transitions and motion. Flash Catalyst can output a finished Flash SWF or AIR application that’s ready to publish on the web. In addition designers can provide the project file to developers who can use Adobe Flex to add additional functionality such as connection to back-end systems.

Increase your Creative Productivity
  • Leverage your existing skills: Use your existing design skills without having to learn new ones
  • with Creative Suite: Create your designs in Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4 or Fireworks CS4 and import native files with all layers and pages intact
  • Fast design: Turn static graphics into dynamic content by selecting objects and specifying actions from menus
  • Round-trip workflow: Easily move back and forth between Creative Suite and Flash Catalyst while preserving your work

Empowering Interaction Design
  • Easy interactivity: Add interactivity based on states and events instead of timelines.
  • Interactivity without coding: Do interaction design without coding

  • Consistent Execution: Know that your designs will work exactly as you create them. No risk of losing something in translation.
  • Expressive: Creative compelling designs by leveraging the rich typography, graphics, video and audio capabilities of the Adobe Flash Platform.
  • Span the range of simple to complex projects: Develop a range of projects from simple Ad banners to complex application interfaces.

  • Faster time to market through agile design and development workflows that support iterative development
    • Agile prototyping and iterative design: Try a number of different designs quickly. Work with developers in parallel without losing fidelity.
    • Leverage your work: Quickly transition from wireframe to design to working application while reusing your work at each stage
    • Separate pixels from plumbing: Adobe Flash Catalyst and Adobe Flex Builder are a powerful combination enabling seamless collaboration to build stunning applications and interactive content
    • Fast time to market and easy deployment: Create and publish your projects to the web or collaborate with developers using a single project file.

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